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Is your Company’s Website Helping or Hurting your Business?

Is Your Site Up To Date?


First impressions can be stressful, we’ve all been there. Are you dressed to impress? Do you articulate in a clear and concise manner? Are you exuding confident body language?


When someone is interested in your business, they’ll do their research, some more thorough than others, but almost all will visit your website. A user’s first impression of your website will do one of two things; either strengthen your brand, or strengthen your competitors’. Below are 4 key components to ensure your website makes the perfect first impression.


Your site is often times the first interaction people have with your business, don’t let it be the last!


Aesthetics (your outfit):


Colors, themes, layouts – the basics. The color scheme in the screenshot below is NOT something we would recommend. The red font on a black background is difficult to read and can easily deter a user from returning to your site in the future. The numbers tell a similar story, a single bad experience makes users 88% less likely to visit the website again.



Speed of Website (punctuality):


A primary goal of SEO is to achieve the highest possible Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) rank. While the end goal is important, the strategies used to achieve a strong SERP rank is what optimizes your site’s performance. Your SERP rank is determined by Google algorithms, these algorithms assess your site’s efficiency; website speed will be the focus for today. Consequently, a loading time of 3 plus seconds will likely result in a user going back to Google to continue their search elsewhere. While it is true that one needs to dress to impress, if your late to the party you might never get the chance.



Functionality (your integrity):


Your website needs to establish trust. Have you ever been on a website and clicked the Facebook icon only to be redirected to the top of the page? What about clicking on a “Learn More” tab and being directed to a page that reads, “lorem ipsum…” – the classic WordPress default language? These things happen more than you’d think! As a result, a functional website combined with customer reviews, testimonials and clients logos are all ways to establish immediate trust.



Bonus Tip:


Download Similar Web and check your site’s bounce rate (percentage of users that leave your site after only visiting one page). Any of the four reasons above can negatively impact your bounce rate; the good news – it’s all fixable.


Final Thoughts:


 There’s a reason first impressions are stressful – people make judgments and they do so within seconds (about 50 milliseconds). Above all, a properly developed website will add instant credibility and ultimately, strengthen your brand. Your site is often times the first interaction people have with your business, don’t let it be the last!


So, if you need help developing a site or bringing your current one up to 2018 standards contact us today.