The Basics of IT Outsourcing

Is IT outsourcing right for your company? How can it help your business? Here’s everything you need to know!

Outsourcing is nothing new in business. It’s been a trend in manufacturing for decades. Yet, the explosion of computer technology and e-commerce has led many to outsource a variety of IT functions. In fact, IT outsourcing has shown steady growth for years.

Outsourcing IT functions often times makes sense for entrepreneurs and small business owners with limited resources. They often lack the time or the expertise to master the complexities of information technology.

Of course, it isn’t only small businesses that outsource their IT. Larger companies often outsource IT to third-party contractors.

Before diving into the benefits of IT outsourcing, it’s helpful to look at some of the common IT tasks and services that companies outsource.

Common Types of IT Outsourcing

IT is a complex field with a wide range of services and solutions, such as:

  • IT Staffing
  • Web Hosting
  • Software procurement
  • Hardware Procurement
  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Project Planning
  • Cloud Services
  • Need for a Consultant

As a small-medium size company you might be able to hire a full-time employee to manage your company’s IT. However, as Raffi mentioned in a previous post, “it’s unreasonable to believe that one person can handle hardware, operating systems, applications, data base systems, networks, exchange, firewall, security.”  

Keep Focus on Core Competencies

IT outsourcing lets companies that don’t specialize in IT focus on core competencies

A restaurant, for example, probably won’t have a lot of in-house IT expertise. Outsourcing lets them focus on making and serving excellent food.

Access Otherwise Out of Reach Skills

The mass shortage of cybersecurity experts has pushed salaries beyond the reach of many small companies. Yet, current laws and visible data breaches make digital security a major priority for businesses of all sizes.

A company specializing in IT services most likely has a few cybersecurity experts in-house. This would allow you to get the cybersecurity skills you need without paying the cybersecurity salary.

When you outsource your IT (to FenceCore) you are getting a group of individuals who all specialize in their particular areas but who work together to optimize your infrastructure. 

Reduce IT Labor Costs

What if you need an IT function for a limited period of time? Does it make sense to hire a full-time employee or even a contracted worker when companies like FenceCore exist?

You can often get an IT service plan that costs less than one generalist IT employee.

Better Overall IT Health

Your IT ecosystem is a complex set of hardware and software. Both need ongoing maintenance. 

Outsourcing your IT will allow your company to maintain, monitor, and repair your system – both effectively and efficiently.

Ultimately, you will end up with a healthier IT ecosystem.


IT outsourcing offers companies many potential benefits.

1. You can focus on your core competencies.

2. You can get help from specialists you couldn’t otherwise afford.

3. Outsourcing IT functions will reduce labor costs.

As with other outsourcing opportunities, you must research your options and select carefully.

FenceCore IT often times acts as an extension of an existing IT Team or as the entire IT Team. For more information, contact FenceCore IT today.