A Leading Cloud Consulting Agency In Canada

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For more than five years, we’ve used information technology solutions to achieve business objectives for a wide range of clients. Our tried-and-true process has satisfied countless clients, because our dedicated team of experts knows how to stay on top of the latest IT trends.

We know our work is unmatched, but to give prospective buyers like you more confidence in our expertise, we joined Clutch to see how we stack up against our competitors.


Clutch is a research and reviews site for B2B marketing and technology service providers. They evaluated our company based on various parameters—industry expertise, social media presence, and former client projects—and ranked us at the top of their list for best IT Services and Consulting Firms in Canada.

To be placed on this list is a great honor, but an even greater honor is to read about our clients’ satisfaction with our projects. Clutch analysts interviewed our clients via telephone to obtain direct feedback on how our work has served them. We would not have received this recognition without the generous feedback given by our clients:

“Fencecore continues to keep everything operational and running smoothly.” – Director of Finance and Operations, Clothing Importer

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“They have phenomenal customer service … I’d definitely recommend them.” – Senior Network Administrator, Automotive

“Fencecore IT provided a highly prompt yet thoughtful quote with minimal interference on our end.” – Assistant Manager for IT, Autoparts Plant

We love to hear that our partners are happy with our work. And, if you want to be the next client to receive our superior solutions, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to get started on a new project.


There’s more: we’re also featured on Clutch’s sister website, the Manifest, on their list of the best IT services companies in 2019. The Manifest is a resource that provides industry insights, how-to guides, and recommendations of the top companies according to industry. We earned our spot on their list as a result of the consistent quality of our work, our reputation for delivering for our clients, and our prominence in our market.

And on another sister website, Visual Objects, we’re included in their research of leading custom software developers. Visual Objects provides buyers with a centralized catalogue of the work from leading B2B companies around the world.

We’re grateful for Clutch’s research and recognition, and we hope that our clients will continue to find satisfaction with our work throughout the upcoming new year.