A Suite Deal: The Advantages Of Office 365

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If you run a business, especially in the remote work culture of 2020, moving to an online productivity suite should be top of mind. The question is, which one should you select and why? Office 365 is a standout solution as it combines a suite of online services including business-class email, cloud file storage and secure communication tools along with traditional desktop apps. As a full-service cloud solutions provider, Fencecore is a proud partner of Office 365 and can help implement the solutions your company requires.


One feature of Office 365 is that it is a subscription-based service, licensed as a monthly or annual subscription rather than a perpetual license that requires a large lump sum up front. This can be helpful from a cash flow perspective and companies can also turn off the features they’re not using to save money.

Simple Storage

Another one of the most compelling advantages of Microsoft 365 is OneDrive, a leading cloud storage solution. OneDrive allows for storage of all files, photos, documents and presentations in one place on the Cloud. Especially in a Covid-19 work from home environment, one of the best aspects of OneDrive is that you can access emails, files and Office programs from any location and any device. 

Virtual Collaboration

Another great perk of Microsoft 365 is Microsoft Teams, a software solution where businesses can virtually chat, collaborate, and meet with employees, customers, suppliers and partners. Teams is a shift away from email and towards instant messaging and virtual meetings. It is fully integrated with all Office 365 apps and also integrates with many 3rd party apps. 

Business-Class Email Exchange

Though most people already know about Microsoft Exchange, a business-class email, it is undoubtedly another great component of Microsoft 365. It offers every subscriber a 50 GB mailbox, malware and spam filtering built in, and it is easy to access through a web browser, or an outlook app on windows, mac or a mobile device.

Optimizations through Automation

Power Automate is an online workflow service that automates actions across the most common apps and services. You can optimize business processes through digital and robotic process automation, which can help employees or customers automate their monotonous, repetitive and time-consuming tasks. 

End-to-End Security

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, Microsoft 365’s Security Centre has many built-in security features to keep companies’ data safe. With the Microsoft 365 Security Centre, security can be monitored and managed all in one place. The encrypted email feature keeps anyone other than the intended recipient from reading emails. There is also Data Loss Prevention which is a set of policies that checks and prevents sensitive information from leaving your organization via email. What’s more, Mobile Device Management allows individuals to control Office on employees’ phones to protect company information. For example, if an employee’s phone is lost or stolen, it can be remotely wiped to prevent anyone who shouldn’t have access from getting to company data. 

If you have any questions about Microsoft 365 and how Fencecore can implement it for your company, feel free to reach out to one of our experts today!