Coronavirus Plagues IT Industry

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As the media continues to cover the spread of the Corona Virus and how it impacts the stock market, the sports world and education sector; the Information Technology (IT) industry is also going through some substantial changes due to the spread of the virus. Over the coming weeks businesses will need to adapt and do so quickly. More companies will need to provide employees with the ability to work remote, they will need to procure hardware in large volumes and learn how to troubleshoot IT issues for end users who are no longer working in the office.

As companies begin to instruct their employees to work remote, they need to keep in mind that not all employees have functional work stations at home. Below is a list of things to consider when trying to ensure that your company will be able to function with employees working remote;

  1. Laptops – as remote work increases the demand for laptops, procuring laptops has become increasingly more difficult. Laptops are the number one item employees need in order to be able to work from their own homes. Expect the prices of laptops and other IT hardware to increase significantly in the coming weeks due to its limited supply.
  2. Monitors and Docking Stations – if you are trying to make your employees as comfortable as possible, you should genuinely consider purchasing monitors and docking stations for your employees. However, this is not as significant as the first point; laptops.
  3. Cloud-Based or On-Premise – think about your internal software. If your software is hosted on-premise, you might very well want to look in to a VPN solution. A VPN will allow employees to access and utilize your business’ software from their homes. If your software is cloud-based, you are probably a little more at ease. Given the fact that most people have access to the internet in their homes, a cloud based software will be the most flexible solution to allow employees to work remote.

You might also be asking yourself, how will my IT company be able to support my users if they are not in the office? Luckily, the IT industry has a solution! Remote agents can be installed. Once the remote agent is installed (installation process takes minutes and is easy to do) your IT company will be able to support your end users, regardless of where they are working. This will give companies the ability to confidently tell their employees to work from home.

What’s next?

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