Fencecore IT Makes Clutch’s Exclusive 2019 Leaders List For Canada!

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Our information technology and cloud consulting savvy have routinely propelled FenceCore to the top of its industry, as our team excels at creating, implementing, and sharing a variety of IT products with our clients. No matter the challenge, FenceCore has the proven strategy and technical knowledge to ensure success for our customers and their businesses, which is why we’ve gained recent acclaim for our IT services.

Clutch, a B2B research and reviews firm, evaluates companies based on market presence, industry experience, and client feedback to create rankings of different fields like app development and IT. We greatly appreciate the support the Clutch team has given us. The feedback from our clients has validated our quality skills and performance. Our partners have given us in stellar reviews, which are published in full to our Clutch profile:


“Fencecore IT was the perfect partner to help us with this project,” shared one customer. “The team followed a helpful and hands-on approach. They were highly communicative, answering phone calls or responding to emails whenever I reached out. Their work ethic was efficient, and they took care of us every step of the way.”

“I can go anywhere for tech equipment, but Fencecore IT is the only place where I can get quality customer service,” praised another. “They manage to deliver equipment fast, even when facing long distances, busy holidays, and rare equipment. Their competitors cannot match them in resources, technical expertise, or client satisfaction.”

The Manifest and Visual Objects, sister companies to Clutch, have also publicized FenceCore through their listings of leading cloud consultants in Canada and software developers in Canada, which attest to our range of capabilities. The Manifest provides business news and insights while Visual Objects curates the portfolios of different digital and creative agencies, so earning recognition from Clutch, The Manifest, and Visual Objects means a lot to FenceCore.

“We are thrilled to be mentioned alongside industry leaders and it would never have been possible without great employees and amazing clients!” thanked our Vice President, Daniel Munk.

We look forward to continuing to be one of the best IT service providers around. In fact, one survey found that most businesses in 2019 will look to grow or maintain their IT budget. We’re excited to partner with new businesses and work on cutting edge solutions in the coming year. Thank you again to all who have supported our growth and continual improvement!

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Stay tuned to see when FenceCore gets recognized as a Top Software Development Company.