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Hardware & Software


Over FenceCore’s existence, we have established relationships with world renowned manufacturers. With access to over 500,000 products, we can procure the hardware your company needs. From PC’s and peripherals to infrastructure products, our procurement specialists are capable of providing timely quotes at competitive pricing.

Our licensing specialists take pride in assessing your software needs in order to recommend the best solutions available. In addition to software procurement, our licensing team manages renewals and user onboarding/offboarding. Some of a trusted partners for hardware procurement include; Microsoft, HP Enterprise, Dell, Lenovo, Viewsonic, Intel and IBM. Our partnerships with the major manufacters allow us to get exclusive pricing on just about any item you can dream of.

How Do I know What to Buy?

With new innovative products being released on a daily basis, our procurement specialists can help you find the right solution that meets your requirements. From providing pricing on PC’s to building out infrastructure BOM’s, our experts are always available to guide you in the right direction when it comes to procuring the right products and consult on industry leading products. Contact our sales team today to take advantage of our competitive pricing. Since we like to go above and beyond at FenceCore, if you need your hardware or software to be configured, installed and setup to your specifications, just let us know and we will be happy to do so for you.