tailored solutions that meet industry best practices

With access to more than 500,000 products, FenceCore has the capability and expertise to procure and configure hardware and software solutions that are designed to meet organizational requirements. From laptop to desktop computers, printers, security softwares and more, FenceCore offers competitive pricing. Our industry expertise ensures that  best practices are continuously employed. Our team of procurement specialists are certified to assess, recommend, source and manage new and existing IT infrastructures as well as user equipment. 

Prior to making a recommendation, we ensure that infrastructure assessments are conducted so that key information and pertinent deficiencies are identified and considered. From PC setup and migrations to equipment upgrades and ensuring that proper firewalls and antivirus softwares are in place, our team has the expertise to properly implement hardware and software solutions.

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    Where do I start?

    Before sourcing, upgrading or implementing a new hardware or software solution, an infrastructure assessment is administered. This first step allows FenceCore to learn about the intricacies of your IT environment, alongside its strengths and weaknesses. This ensures that a tailored implementation plan can be built to meet your organization’s objectives. Following the assessment, our team proposes a set of materials and services required as well as a detailed timeline and project outline.