tailored solutions that meet industry best practices

FenceCore has a diverse skill set and has expertise implementing solutions following a detailed project plan. Over FenceCore’s existence, we have established relationships with world renowned manufacturers. With access to over 500,000 products, we can procure the hardware your company needs and install it following industry best practices. Whether its infrastrucutre or user equipment, we can assess, recommend, implement and manage. our procurement specialists and project managers are experienced at delivering quality and meeting expectations.

Also, our licensing specialists take pride in assessing your software needs in order to recommend the best solutions available. In addition to software procurement, our licensing team manages renewals and user onboarding/offboarding.

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How do I know where to start?

The first step would be for FenceCore to get to know your environment. Whether you are experiencing issues or simply interested in an upgrade, we need to understand the end goal. The purpose is to build a tailored solution that meets the objective. Best Practice would be to start with an assessment to gather all the pertinent information. We then proceed to send a formal proposal outlining the bill of materials and services required. Once signed off, one of our project managers provides a detailed timeline and project plan for approval.