Always Get a Referral

Some IT projects can be in the hundreds of thousand of dollars. It takes two minutes to ask the solution provider for their biggest client referral. In doing so, also ask specifics like type of work performed, satisfaction of the customer, and length of the project. Its almost like solving a crime. You cant find the guy unless you know the facts.

Know their Strengths

No company are experts in every area, so if they say they are, that should immediately draw a red flag. Find out what their area of expertise is and utilise them for what they specialise in. If a part of a project is being outsourced, this is a positive sign, contrary to popular belief. it means that that the IT provider knows their limits and don’t necessarily feel comfortable to work out of scope.

Get Burned Once, Don’t be Fooled again

If a company you are working with tries to pull a quick one on you, don’t give them a second chance. This usually means that if they have any opportunity to take advantage of you again, they will. It is crucial that you put your trust in the right people and don’t believe everything that is being sold to you. Ask the tough questions and don’t be afraid to get a little aggressive while doing so. It’s your hard earned money and your right!

Once you find a good IT Solution provider, best stick with them. They will go to bat for you when you need them. Nights, weekends, it won’t matter because you were loyal.

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