Founded in Montreal, Canada in 2013, FenceCore is a full-service IT firm that continuously helps organizations strategize and optimize their IT infrastructure. Fueled by our innovation and agility, we’re proud to deliver quality and commitment to our customers. From SMBs to multinational companies, FenceCore services organizations within a variety of industries. Our expertise and solutions-oriented approach ensures that our customers can leverage the most effective IT environments. 

Our agile team is composed of forward thinking industry experts. Specialized in technical support, system administration, project management and holding several vendor certifications, our team provides white glove services and expertise that our customers can trust. 

We see ourselves as a forward thinking group of passionate individuals who work together as a team to provide an unmatched level of service.

Our Founders

Dan Munk – President

FenceCore’s President, Dan Munk has over 10 years of industry experience and acts as an active member of the Forbes Technology Council. Known for his dynamic skill-set, Dan manages the team’s sales and operations.

Raffi Simci – VP Technology

Recognized as a leader in the IT industry, FenceCore’s VP Technology, Raffi Simci is an expert in computer engineering. As a problem-solver, Raffi is proud to collaborate with both partners and clients in an effort to continuously improve IT infrastructures.

Our Core Beliefs


We’re committed to delivering upon the highest standards of quality. From employing a team of experts, to providing our clients with white glove service, we pride ourselves on maintaining superior levels of excellence.


As the industry evolves, so does FenceCore. Our progressive and proactive approach ensures that our clients benefit from the best possible IT solutions


We believe that trust is built through transparency. Our accountability and integrity is what makes our clients confident in working with the FenceCore team.

About our Services

Our mission is to continuously help customers plan, manage and improve their IT environments, so that companies can focus on their business while we handle the technical requirements. Our industry expertise and proactive approach ensures that optimal strategies are in place for IT setup, maintenance and efficiency. 

  • Cybersecurity
  • Project Management
  • Network Assessment

Our experience

Managed Services 88%
Security 85%
Project Management 83%
Hardware & Software Procurement 91%