Cloud Solutions


Our trusted partnerships combined with our highly trained workforce allow us to be a full service cloud solutions provider. Our tailored solutions are aimed towards helping companies with hybrid infrastructure, collocation, backups and full migrations. FenceCore will guide you throughout the entire process; from assessing your needs, to project planning and deployment.

Working with cloud-based solutions allows companies to limit physical hardware, reduce setup costs and increase your organization’s flexibility. We are proud partners with the following cloud providers; Nutanix, Symantec, Microsoft Cloud, Azure, AWS and Cisco. There are many different types of cloud solutions available; from hybrid solutions to full cloud solutions, allow FenceCore to help make the decision making process easier for your business.

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What does the "cloud" mean?

The cloud allows companies to host software, servers, databases, storage and networking over the internet instead of locally. Cloud based computing provides companies with greater flexibility and scalability, all while lowering operating costs. Common cloud-based solutions are Apple iCloud, Microsoft Azure and AWS, but private clouds are becoming more common. Have more questions?