Managed Services


We recognize that every business is unique and that IT infrastructure is integral to every organization. FenceCore employs a customized approach to managed services, ensuring that proper maintenance, support, security, backups and monitoring systems are in place to optimize performance and reduce costs. Whether your team requires troubleshooting, firmware updates or helpdesk support, our team is available 24/7, both remote and off-site.

Our certified team of level 1,2 and 3 experts are specialized in planning, managing and optimizing IT requirements across a variety of industries. With a commitment to excellence, we’re proud to deliver dedicated support to each and every one of our customers, ensuring that they benefit from the most effective IT solutions. 

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    What are managed services?

    Understanding the intricacies of your infrastructure technology systems can be a daunting task. Through managed services, organizations can outsource technical tasks to a certified group of skilled IT professionals. A proactive maintenance approach allows problems to be resolved, before negatively affecting the organization. FenceCore’s managed services allow customers to focus on their core competencies, while we manage their IT environments.