IT Support 101

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After surveying Help Desk Support Specialists with a combined 95 years of experience, you can trust that there is some serious credibility to this article. As an IT company in Montreal, FenceCore has provided help desk support to small-medium size businesses all the way to large enterprises, from privately held companies to government organizations.

With that being said, here at the top 7 factors that contribute to being a great IT Support Specialist and providing unrivaled service.


Listen to understand first, and respond second. This allows the IT Support Specialist to understand the entire scope of the problem. On the contrary, when you listen just to be able to respond, you will undoubtedly miss out on some key information. Listen and ask questions, then once all the information is gathered, generate you response.


Customers will need you at all hours of the day, including weekends. Quick response times demonstrate a strong commitment and willingness to help. If your customers are important to you, the best way to let them know is by picking up the phone.


As an IT Support Specialist, you need to know how your recommended solutions will impact the rest of their IT environment. Understanding the intricacies of a specific IT Infrastructure will ensure your solutions blend well with their current setup.


Although it sounds obvious, skill-sets need to be properly matched up with issues. For example, if your printer isn’t working, Help Desk Level 1 will suffice. For more complex, back-end issues like server or network problems, a Help Desk Level 3 will be more suitable. Regardless of the support level, make sure your help desk is made up of experts in their particular fields.


A good IT support specialist will resolve issues in a timely manner. As a customer, it is always frustrating when your IT Infrastructure is not running at optimal capacity. Furthermore, limiting a clients’ downtime will lower costs both in terms of money and time. A good Help Desk Specialist resolves issues quickly.


A good support specialist will be able to use his/her interpersonal skills to adequately explain the problem/solution and reduce the  stress of the client. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, being able to build a relationship with your customer goes a long way.


The number 1 factor of a GREAT IT support specialist is that he/she will properly fix the issue the first time around. Due to high costs and stress filled pressures, IT Support Specialists do not usually get a second chance. Fix it, and do so the first time around, that is where the real value is created. That is where FenceCore creates value.


With all that said, ensure you are dealing with an IT Company in Montreal or wherever, that values top-notch help desk support. When issues arise, you want to rely on people that are motivated to help and have top-notch communication skills.

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