Top 10 IT Trends To Look Out For In 2021

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Every year, IT trends and innovations seem to appear faster and faster. This year especially, the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated technology in a way we have never seen before. It has forced businesses to adjust not by choice, but by necessity. In the new year, we will see a lot of these trends continue as well as new ones emerge.



  • Using cloud-native technologies

Cloud-native technologies such as container platforms and serverless computing will bring about a new era of distributed enterprise software. With cloud-native technologies, each part of the app is packaged in its own container, and is dynamically orchestrated so each part is actively scheduled and managed to optimize resource utilization, and microservices-oriented to increase the overall agility and maintainability of applications.

  • Considering Edge computing 

Over the next year, firms will shift their cloud strategy to include edge services from more vendors, challenging public cloud vendor market dominance. Edge computing allows for real-time data collection and processing at the device level, resulting in quicker, more efficient response times and reduced bandwidth strain. 

  • Rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Companies will not only continue to adopt machine learning and AI technologies but will also focus on their ethical impact, using them in a responsible fashion with clear data ethics and data handling practices. Though the field was once seen as intimidating, AI will become more accessible in 2021: people will be able to unlock their creative ideas faster and AI will penetrate fields such as photography, music, film, art, graphic design, branding, marketing and more.

  • Implementation of an automation roadmap

The rising influence of smart machines is expected to grow exponentially. Organizations will be strategizing on ways to seize the business benefits of machine intelligence in order to make their operations more efficient. Intelligent automation will represent the infusion of robotic and digital process automation with pragmatic AI and low-code tools.

  • Moving toward hyperlocal business operations

Large companies will prioritize operating hyperlocally, expanding their businesses to new geographies. Companies will need to retain centralized technology management while branching out into different regions. 

  • Blockchain Technology And Cryptocurrencies

Though the hype from 2017 about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies has died down in the media, these industries will continue to boom in 2021. Most asset managers and owners either have digital assets under management or are planning to add them in the coming year.  

  • Remote work will permanently increase

The employee experience in 2021 will be defined by long-term remote work and crisis management. Success will pretty much depend on the strength of an organization’s employee experience strategy as well as technology investments. 

  • 5G Will Go Mainstream

2021 will bring about the need for a more reliable and fast connection as digital collaboration, telecommunication and videoconferencing has become a huge part of our lives. The value of 5G will soar in 2021 and many organizations will consider it essential in order to boost speed. 

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