5 Must-Know Managed IT Services Benefits

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Your business relies on technology to keep it moving. That’s a simple fact of any business operating in the 21st century. But you may not be an information technology guru. And even if you are an IT wizard, your business demands may not allow you to put your skills to work – especially as your business grows. And that brings us to the many benefits of managed IT services.

You can ensure your business is operating at maximum efficiency with industry-best technology for a price that is often cheaper than a single in-house IT worker – that in a nutshell encompasses the managed services advantages. Put succinctly, you can get more down with less money, boosting margins and reducing headaches at the same time.

In this piece, we’ll look to highlight the importance of managed IT services and how these services can lower capital expenditures while boosting productivity, revenue, and even morale.


Uncovering the 5 Major Benefits of Managed IT Services

This piece won’t be able to cover all the managed IT services benefits; that would require a book-length blog. Besides, not all managed IT services advantages apply to all businesses. Some will benefit more than others depending on a variety of factors including what industry you operate within, your business’s size, your existing IT infrastructure and in-house team, etc.

A business operating in the healthcare industry under strict HIPAA compliance mandates will necessarily have different needs (and yield different managed IT benefits) compared to a, say, roofing company.

So you’ll really need to have a consultation and preliminary assessment done before it’s possible to determine the total value you’ll get out of managed services. That said, we’ll focus on broader managed IT benefits that can help any business in any industry.

The managed IT benefits we’ll be looking at are:

  • Maximizing your IT budget
  • Leveraging leading technology and solutions
  • Avoiding cybersecurity disasters
  • Scaling Easily
  • Managing your work environments seamlessly


Maximizing Your IT Budget

The importance of managed IT services ultimately hinges (usually) on one key element: are they saving you more money than you’re spending on them? In other words, are they a net positive for your business.

The good news is that cost savings are quite substantial with a top MSP.

Consider server downtime costs enterprises millions of dollars each year in lost productivity and wasted resources. Same goes for network downtime, which can drain upwards of $5,600 per minute.

While those numbers are of course inflated by massive losses to behemoths like Google and Amazon, they can still cost your business hundreds of dollars per minute that you spend not working and resolving these IT issues.


Leverage the Full Benefits of Managed IT Services

Make all your technology headaches go away while boosting your business’s efficiency


Your managed services provider (MSP) will be able to quickly eliminate these extremely costly, time-consuming issues.

With proactive monitoring and managing of your entire IT stack, including upgrades, technology procurement and vendor management, updates, patching, break/fix, business continuity support (disaster recovery, data backup plans), etc., you can rest easy knowing your business is getting high value services.

And the best part is that your IT partner will perform a comprehensive assessment of your stack before implementing solutions, avoiding redundancies and also helping to automate/eliminate unnecessary workflow tasks, ultimately augmenting your entire business productivity.


Leveraging Leading Technology and Solutions

Adding to the above managed IT benefit, you won’t have to worry about technology being outdated or your competitor gaining a technological advantage over your business. That’s because your MSP will manage both technology procurement, updating/upgrading, and vendor management, totally eliminating your management burden.

You’ll be able to get leading technology at the best prices due to their deep industry partnerships and knowledge.

Furthermore, newer technologies like the cloud and cloud computing are becoming standard among businesses. In other words, if you don’t have a modern cloud infrastructure to support your business, you’re falling behind.

Benefits of Managed IT Services


But with a competent MSP at the helm of your tech, you can rest assured that you won’t fall behind competitors in a tech arms race and instead can gain a competitive advantage with faster, more automated, more efficient workflows, driving margins down and boosting productivity.


Avoiding Cybersecurity Disasters

61% of small businesses were targets of cyberattacks in 2021. That’s a scary statistic. It gets worse: more attacks are coming.

Small and medium business owners may believe that their outfits are under these criminals’ radars, but as illustrated by the above statistic, that’s not the case.

Effective cybersecurity can all but totally eliminate this threat.

You have to remember that cybersecurity is about more than just firewalls and remote monitoring for intrusion and suspicious programs; the vast majority of security breaches are successful due to human error or some form of social hacking (see the above link).


Want to learn more about managed IT services?


If your business remains undefended against these attacks, that can be devastating to your bottom-line. Data breaches can cost thousands, even millions of dollars.

But one of the major managed services advantages is that your MSP isn’t only able to keep you safe from the threats that exist today, but will constantly be on the lookout for new and developing threats, so that you can count on safety moving forward.


Scaling Easily

As your business grows, so too will its technology demands change. This can present a bottleneck, especially to fast growing businesses. In the worst cases, it can all but halt momentum as you have to turn down clients because your network simply can’t handle the workload, or onboarding new hires into your system is time-draining and laborious.

But your MSP can make all these issues disappear. Well, disappear isn’t the right word; they can make sure that they never appear in the first place.

With proactive IT planning and long-term strategies in place, your business will be able to quickly adapt to whatever its IT demands are with little to no friction or downtime.

That can lead to massive savings and allow your business to grow effectively without fear of its current technology deck getting in the way.

With your service offerings coming at a fixed monthly price, it also helps your business plan for the future while leveraging these managed services advantages without fearing budget overrun.


Managing Your Work Environments Seamlessly

Many businesses have adopted a work-from-home or hybrid work environment in the wake of the pandemic. When executed correctly, it provides maximal flexibility at a cost-effective price point.

But it can also be a nightmare to manage without the proper tools and resources.

Your MSP will benefit your business by totally managing your work environment – whatever it looks like.

That means ensuring that the right people have the right devices, these devices are protected, all employees are well versed in cybersecurity best practices, etc.


Unlock Business Potential With an MSP

Managed IT Services Advantages


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